Custom Open Skid Unit

The Custom Open Skid Unit (COSU) is designed and used for pumping Lubricant/Sealant and Liquid Flush into a well head, pipeline and process plant valves in the oil & gas industry. The frame size and pumps can be modified to suit application

COSU consists of two Lincoln PM3 lubrication/sealant pumps, stainless steel 38 litre liquid tank with a 10,000 PSI stainless steel liquid flush pump, 3 supply hose reels complete with 15m hoses and safety whips, 30 CFM, 10HP, electric and pull start diesel powered air compressor with a 45 litre air receiver, all this is controlled by a full pneumatic control cabinet.

The COSU is designed for the back of a 4×4 pickup, light truck or a trailer. All equipment is air operated and assembled on a heavy duty steel powder coated protective frame.