Pressurelube has been servicing the power generation petrochemical resource and process industries for the past 15 years. Since Pressurelube’s conception they have provided technical expertise in valve refurbishment, procurement, modifications, design and general machining and manufacture. Their machining and manufacturing capability allows them to overhaul an extensive range of valves for power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, process, water and general industries. Presslube International realized in 2003 that they have complimentary skills sets and by entering into a service agreement, could bring customers a superior service and products.

By leveraging the expertise, Pressurelube can offer general refurbishment work consisting of pressure safety valves, high and low pressure gates and globe checks. Pressurelube’s facility and in house professional engineering personnel complete full modification, design, manufacture and service selection criteria of valves. They are also able to undertake site work and can mobilize anywhere on or offshore within Australia and the Asia Pacific rim.

One of Pressurelube’s key capabilities is reengineering. Valve repair and testing involves extensive knowledge not just in valve design but process condition engineering. They have a documented history of rebuilding valves entailing trim Modification, seat redesign and total remanufacture. Combined with their knowledge of process operating conditions the team “turnkey valve solutions”.

Other services Pressurelube can provide with Pressure Lube:
• In-house actuation and automation fitting and testing of new products
• Modify products as required to suit client q/a standards and specific needs
• Supply Cad drawings that illustrate schematic piping arrangements
• Specialist oxygen service cleaning and certification
• Specialist painting, sub-sea, spark holiday testing
• Pre-test and recertification of new valves
• Tagging, packaging and logistics
• Field personnel that can provide engineering solutions