Onsite Services

Pressurelube Services
Onsite Services
• Pressure Safety Valve Testing (Online)
• Control valve diagnostics and maintenance
• Valve Maintenance, Seat Machining Gate, Globe, Parallel Slide valves
• High Pressure Sealant and Lubrication on Plug and Ball valves and Well Head
• Installation, Bolt Tensioning
• Removal, Supply, Installation, Flange Machining Joint Integrity Management

Design Manufacture
• Onsite Safety Valve Testing Equipment
• High Pressure Injection, Flushing Equipment Well head, Plug, Ball valves
• Valve Spares Design and Manufacture

Product Range and Manufacturers
•    Gate / Globe / Check Cast and Forged 150# = 1500#
•    Check / Duo and Piston Design
•    Gate: Wedge and Through Conduit
•    Butterfly Valves: Eccentric / Metal Seated and Fully Lined / Wafer / Lugged
•    Pressure Safety Valves: Flanged and Screwed
•    Steam: Pressure Reducing, Steam Traps, Blowdown valves
•    Plug valves: Lined, Lubricated, Flanged and Screwed
•    Diaphragm valves
•    Steam reducing, traps and Pressure Safety Valves

All valves are available in various trim and body material configurations to suit service pressure, temperature, operational and automation requirements.

Pressurelube’s Product Supply and Selection Objectives
1.    Valve Fit for Purpose
2.    Ongoing Maintenance Cost
2.    Initial Purchase Cost
3.    Spares availability and pricing
4.    Repeatability of supply at known cost
5.    Availability of all Manufactures Maintenance and Technical Date
6.    Where possible supply Australian Engineered Product

Pressurelube’s Equipment
•    Factory Area of 35,000 Square Feet Hard Stand Area 12,000 square feet
•    2ea Cranes = Gantry = 5 ton / Forklift 1 ton / Forklift 4 ton
•    2 x Compressors providing plant air (1 reserve)
•    Horizontal boring capacity 15 ton
•    Vertical boring 2 metre diameter with spherical turning capacity
•    Turning capacity to 1.2 metre x 6 metre
•    Radial grinding ball diameters = 900mm N.B
•    Surface grinding
•    Milling, Slotting, Broaching
•    Drilling up to 3¼” Dia
•    Grit Blasting Machine full recovery system (Air Fed Booth)
•    Painting to any specification
•    Internal Vertical Lapping Machines with Inclinable tables
•    Horizontal lapping to 1.2 metre diameter
•    Optical flatness @ Monochromatic light source
•    Stress relieving to 790Cel
•    Welding: TIG / Internal MIG / MIG / MMAW / PTA
•    Hydraulic Bolting Equipment
•    Hydrostatic Pressure Test Rig –: Mechanical valves
•    Pressure Test Rig-: Pressure Safety valve test and set
•    On site Valve Machining Equipment / Pressure Safety Valve Test Rig
•    On site Valve Sealant, Flushing and Lubrication