Safety & Environmental Principles


Pressurelube International is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees, clients and others who may be affected by the activities of our company.

To accomplish this, we take every effort to maintain a suitable working environment that provides:

• Adequate information on hazards
• Instruction, training, leadership and supervision of employees regarding safe procedures
• Products that are designed and manufactured, fit for purpose and are safe to operate

Pressurelube International believes training is one of the key methods of achieving its safety objectives. Training methods include:

• Safety Promotion
• Hazard Minimisation
• Facilities and Equipment Design
• Equipment Documentation
• Management of Change
• Incident Management
• Management of Contractor Services
• Conformance to State/Federal Legislation and Clients Established SMS

By achieving these safety objectives, all involved parties can benefit from:

• Minimised hazardous incidents
• Minimised accidents
• A happy and healthy workforce
• Increased productivity
• Increased competitiveness in the market place
• Decrease of overhead expenditure
• Increased Profit


1. Know and observe workplace health and safety rules and procedures.
2. Observe all warning signs and danger tags, keep all safety guards in place
3. Abide by housekeeping standards
4. Use safety glasses and other protective equipment were required
5. Report all injuries or potential hazards immediately
6. No SMOKING on the job
7. No DRINKING on the job


Job Hazard Analysis (J.H.A.) is a technique for identifying individual job hazards and devising an appropriate method to manage those hazards i.e. plan a job to be safe, so those involved know what to do and how to do it safely and efficiently.


1. Identify task or job
2. Divide job/task into logical steps
3. Identify potential hazards
4. Devise suitable solutions for working with or eliminating the hazard
5. Record the J.H.A. procedure
6. At completion of works, revalidate the J.H.A procedure for accurate record and future use.


Pressurelube International is committed to acting in a responsible manner concerning all issues of the preservation and enhancement of the environment. The company aims to achieve this by careful assessment of all installation design work, liaising with clients on environmental issues and if necessary, carrying out specific performance and environment impact studies. Pressurelube also reviews all substances prior to use and where practical, substitutes products for more environmentally friendly replacements.

Routine Environmental Considerations

• Sensitivity of client site
• Control of emissions
• Client’s environment requirements
• Handling of general chemical
• Disposal of industrial waste
• Disposal of hydrocarbon product
• Disposal of coolant and additive
• Design of equipment to meet all statutory or higher requirements