Wellhead Maintenance System Overview

This is an outline of the Pressurelube International’s (PLI) wellhead & ball valve maintenance system. download wellhead-diagram The objective of the system is to provide and/or improve:

• Accountability
• Traceability
• Cost saving
• Safety awareness
• Wellhead integrity

In most cases wellhead completions will have at least two asset operators – Drilling, who drill, install and complete the well and secondly, production who utilize the various specialized functions of each wellhead. It is also quite common to find that wellheads will be “handed back” to the drilling department to carry out work-over or remedial work of some kind. During this transfer it is also common to find that information from one asset operator to another has not been accurately passed on.

At PLI we have successfully developed a computerised, reporting database, which ensures that all our wellhead surveys are thoroughly documented and accurately recorded. Each record on our database requires acceptance by a suitably authorised and approved person. We are therefore able to demonstrate system information accuracy to the appropriate management levels. Furthermore, we are able to trace any work carried out on a wellhead by any of our maintenance teams. download PLI Wellsite Survey Flow Chart pdf

On completion of any wellhead maintenance visits, our clients are able to see a detailed report giving relevant information of the work completed, materials used, work outstanding and have confirmation of the wells integrity and readiness for operation. Over time we demonstrate to our clients an increase in safety by improving well integrity.

Using PLI well services the cost performance of each well can be accurately monitored. A typical system encompasses all the relevant information for each valve, Part Number, Serial number, Pressure rating, Valve Size and Type, Gasket Size and Type, when the valve should next be serviced.

Items not directly concerning wellhead maintenance have also been included, as some of our clients request that tubing and annulus pressures also be logged, surface controlled sub-surface safety valve information, high and low pressure pilot information, choke settings are also included.

With so much information available, our clients are able to plan with greater confidence knowing exactly what is needed, where the work is and when it is necessary. With improved traceability, movement of stock from storage facilities to location can be accurately monitored.

Should there be a requirement for external equipment to be hooked up onto a wellhead, anyone with the appropriate security level will be able to ascertain the exact status of each item in advance.

Pressurelube International promotes safety as having priority over all aspects of any operation. Our detailed reporting internal auditing system will highlight particular areas that require special attention and raise safety levels to the customer’s specifications.

We apply the same methods to the servicing of process ball valves and achieve the same high standards. Our excellence has been established in South East Asia over a number of years.

At the start of any maintenance program it is of course essential that good solid information be built into our database to allow any type of system enquiry from a technical, commercial or product reliability point of view to return accurate data. Our database system is very flexible and can be designed to cater for all client requirements.