Focus on Service

Pressurelube understands that different clients have different service needs. Below is a brief description of our service options. In all cases we fully document our procedures from start to finish to assist in tracking and planning future works. We also tag all the valves, showing which products were injected and when they are due for their next service.

Quality control for our products is also stringently carried out by means of a batch numbering system. All Products are supplied with Material Safety Data Sheets (download MSDF pdf), prepared according to O.S.H.A., showing all relevant health and safety features as required by today’s oil and gas companies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Range of Services
• Flushing and sealing of passing valves
• Setting up of preventative valve maintenance programmes
• Setting up of valve lubrication systems
• Training
• Sales of equipment & products
• Valve repair & testing

Short Term
Valves are flushed with our liquid Valve Flush and then injected with Synthetic Valve Lubricant. This process maintains the valve and its sealing integrity. If the valve does not pass a test, sealant is injected and the valve is sealed until a planned shutdown. This valve is tagged and should be removed for repair.

Long term (P.M.)
The Pressurelube team will design a tailor-made preventative maintenance programme based on the customer’s needs according to their unique operating environment and frequency of valve operations. We can implement this as a system to be operated by the customer or one that we operate as a turnkey contractor.

Valve Repair
We can now offer comprehensive valve repair and testing services on various types of valves including ball, gate, plug, and wellhead valves.

New Valves
We offer the range of Italian Valves by AZZALIN. Please visit to view product descriptions.